Why Northwestern? #2

Northwestern was not a school I had ever considered applying to, until I began filling out my QuestBridge application.  As I was browsing their partner schools, Northwestern stood out, first because it was the closest, but then, as I looked closer, for other reasons as well.  Northwestern has always had a reputation as a good engineering school, currently ranking twenty-first according to U.S. News and World Report.  There are, however, many other merits to an education at Northwestern.

Being a student from a relatively small school, I definitely appreciate the large number of small classes and high student to faculty ratio.  These settings will definitely make me feel more comfortable.  I have known people who went to Northwestern, and they have always said great things about the staff.  As I took these things into consideration, I slowly began to realize just how great a fit Northwestern was for me.

I plan on starting off with an undeclared engineering major, and as such I would be in the McCormick School of Engineering.  As I said before it is one of the best programs in the country, but that isn’t the only reason I would like to attend.  McCormick has a unique approach to teaching; McCormick doesn’t necessarily teach you how to be a “civil engineer” or a “mechanical engineer”, they teach you how to be a problem solver.  Depending on your major you will definitely have a different expertise, but overall the fundamental principles of “analysis, logical thinking, and quantitative thought” are taught.  Unlike many other programs I have looked at, McCormick also teaches engineers to use right brain skills.  The emphasis on the use of both sides of the brain is definitely something that sets Northwestern’s McCormick School of engineering apart from the rest.

If I am fortunate enough to attend Northwestern University, I plan on taking advantage of all it has to offer academically to better my education and myself.  With a Northwestern education, I feel that I will be better able to compete in today’s economy and always have a viable option for employment.

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